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The Windsor Road Christian Church of Champaign, IL was in need of more seating during their worship assemblies.  The solution they decided on was to remove several classroom that surrounded the auditorium and enlarge the room by about 35 percent.   The primary concern was the change in acoustics and how it would effect the use of technology in the room.


While making modifications to the room,  it was decided to maximize the space and solve a few lingering problems.  The room and the original system was less than 9 years old.  For all of those years the band has had difficulty hearing in their little side stage "pit".  


The main problem was the tight space and lots of sheet rock.   We specified heavy weight theatrical drapes in the area to absorb excessive sound and minimize early reflections.


Additional heavy weight drapery was also added to an overhead clearstory area above the front of the stage and the first rows of the seating area.  This was to minimize excessive reflections that had been "blurring" the sound of the drums and piano (percussive sounds) in the seating area.  Several hundred square feet of 1" thick acoustic absorbers were added around the perimeter of the room for improved acoustic response.


The modifications to the audio system included reworking the main speaker array,  rewiring the amplifier rack and adding sub woofers.  The original cluster was a group of high quality components that had been installed poorly and did not meet the need of the room or of the congregation's music program.   We reused the high frequency drivers on new horns in new enclosures along with new 12" woofers.   The two 15" woofer from the original cluster were installed into new sub woofer enclosures almost visible on the rear of the stage (picture with trees).  The three new overhead speakers and the two stage level sub woofer enclosures were built to Jordan Audio's specifications by Concert Systems LLC  of South Bend, Indiana.


The existing amp rack was reused with two new Crown amplifier and a new digital system processor (dbx 260).   The existing Crown amp was reassigned to horns.   The new amps power woofers and subs.  The existing Mackie amps are still working with the four monitor systems.


Future enhancements to the system include upgrade the mixing console and the monitor system processing and stage monitor speakers. 


The ceiling above the band pit was "softened" to eliminate an annoying reflection on the opposite side of the seating area.  It also includes the clarity of the floor monitor system for the band.


















Original speaker array.