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  • To create an archive of the teaching from sound minds who have served the Kingdom through their efforts in the college classroom.   The archive is of course only of value if it is available and used by Bible students who want to grow in their understanding about the knowledge of God.  This service is therefore available to anyone, but especially geared toward the Sunday school teachers who will then share the knowledge with their students.

We have a very high standard for the content of this archive.

All of our instructors are either retired professors of Biblical studies who have recorded their lectures for this achieve or were actively teaching when their classes were recorded live.

Every instructor for Sound Bible Study must be a devout New Testament Christian, and must:

  • Accept the full and final inspiration of the Bible to the extent that it is to him or her the infallible Word of God, and therefore the all-sufficient rule of faith and life.
  • Accept the deity and supreme authority of Jesus Christ
  • Accept the biblical account of creation.
  • Accept the divine origin and character of the Church.
  • Accept the truth of the virgin birth of Christ.
  • Accept the truth of the bodily resurrection from the dead.
  • Accept the truth of the reality of final judgment and heaven and hell as taught in the Bible.

To perpetuate sound doctrine and non-sectarian teaching, the Bible shall be taught as a textbook, and all work and study shall be conducted in harmony with the spirit and letter of the Word of God.

The teaching available on the Sound Bible Study shall be:

  • Free from denominational statements, standards or practices.
  • Free from translation limitations No study shall be tied directly to single translation. No paraphrases of the scriptures shall be used for study purposes. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek references and explanations shall be utilized as needed.
  • Timeless instruction references made to current news events or personalities shall be minimal to remain focused on the text.
  • Bible-Only instruction Let the Bible speak for itself. No creeds or theological structures shall be used as barriers to exegesis.
  • Honest Hermeneutics the rules of Biblical interpretation shall be accurately and honestly applied to all scriptures without apology.

The eternal struggle between sin and righteousness make the scriptures to be the story of Jesus Christ and His place in that battle. All biblical study of either the old or new testament shall recognize the centrality of Christ and the preeminence of the ministry of reconciliation.

Typology shall be applied honestly, if the text clearly calls for the application.

Your financial support allows Sound Bible Study.com to stay operational on the internet and continue to collect and archive these lectures.

If you know of a sound biblical scholar who would be willing to participate in this project please have them contact  gary@jordanaudio.com

Thank you.