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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

First United

Methodist Church

Pittsburg, Kansas


A clearly interesting project -- 100 year old building, aging congregation, new pastor, and a vision for the future.  This congregation decided to take a step of faith and launch a more relational contemporary style of worship hour.  The problem was that the facility had technology that was rather dated.

Jordan Audio Consultants' responsibility was to evaluate the situation and design systems for sound reinforcement,  video projection and video production. We also guided the bidding processed and provided project management.  When the systems were completed, JAC calibrated the systems and trained the technicians.  

The church was very committed to quality. Along with adding a worship band, and Power Point, the leaders want to be able provide a webcast of the service as well as produce DVD of each service (contemporary and traditional.)

A new control booth was built and assembled in the front of the balcony.  It easily accommodates three technicians: audio, video production and the projectionist.  A forth technician, a cameraman is positioned in the center front of the balcony. A local cabinet shop built the furniture from plans created by Jordan Audio Consultants of Joplin Missouri  and Stuart Owsley Architect (SOA) of Pittsburg Kansas.  Stu also functioned as the main contact with the church on the project. The AV contractor for the project was  Total Electronics Contracting of Joplin, Missouri.


Although this seldom happens,  all the components from the existing sound system (except one small speaker) were reused in the new system.  All these existing components were of very good quality and still had usable life left in them.   A pair of Crown microphones found in a drawer had never been used and now have a permanent place as recording microphones for the choir and organ. 

The original 8x2 mixing console is now the mixer for the video production system.  The original overhead speaker as reassigned to the rear of the balcony. (It was not up to support the main room with anything more than speach.)

The new overhead array is assembled from modules of the JBL constant curvature line array system.  The four segment biamplified array cuts through the acoustic blur of the room and provides excellent coverage for the main floor (300 seats) and the front of the balcony (tech booth and 50 seat.)

Digital processing controls the main array, a dual 15" sub woofer, and three stage monitor systems.


The video projection system is all new.  Dual electrical screens flank the chancel.  The massive stained glass windows on the north and east walls of the room presented a challenge. A pair of 5000 lumen digital light projectors on the front of the balcony deliver incredible images. Jacks on the floor in front of the chancel allow for connecting confidence monitors for the pastor and worship team.

A high powered PC with dual video cards is running "Easy Worship" presentation software.


The video production system is centered around the "Tricaster" PC based switching system.  Three color cameras were added to capture the action.  Two of the cameras are fixed position units.  The third camera is on a tripod in the front center of the balcony. A production intercom system allows discrete communication between the video tech and cameraman. This approach only requires two technicians to produce a live event. It does have it's limitations, but the "Tricaster" allows for elaborate production with less motion from cameras.  (In the future the fixed cameras may be replaced by robotic cameras controlled by the video tech.)

Specialized software that comes with "Tricaster" allows the image from the Lyrics computer to appear in the image line up thru the computer network.  The lyrics can be used as a visual element and also passes through "Tricaster" to the projectors.