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      "Helping You Sound Your Best"

First Baptist Church

Neosho,  Missouri

This congregation moved to their new facilities just in time for Resurrection Sunday 2006.   It is a large, 500 seat multipurpose gymnasium.  The permanent stage is built into the long side of the room.   The stage is off center with the room by about 4' (no one knows exactly why.)  The building was enclosed when the contractor contacted Jordan Audio is assist with the sound system.  The congregation wanted to reuse as much of their existing system as possible. 


The system from the old building had some good electronics,  but had inferior speakers. We designed a new system concept around their Mackie console,  QSC amplifier,  Rane  equalizer and Sony tape and CD decks.   To accommodate the size and shape of the new room we design a new speaker array with new amplifiers and new digital processing.   The new array consists of three dual woofer enclosures and with 2" throat bi-radial horns.  The two side enclosures hold dual  10" woofers.   The center enclosure holds dual 12" woofers.   The main system is biampiflied. 


New wiring was installed for both microphone lines and all speakers.   The church now has two monitor mixes for their musicians.   They will be building a new worship auditorium in the next few years, but this system will remain in the gym for special events.


Jordan Audio Consultants commissioned the system just three days prior to the churches first week in the new room -- Easter Sunday 2006.