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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

First Christian Church

Champaign,  Illinois

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This growing congregation is outgrowing their new campus.  The family life center serves as a gymnasium,  fellowship hall and worship center.

The original system was designed in the fall of 2001 and completed in January of 2003.  The worship minister, had very big ideas: most of which we were able to fit within his budget.   The acoustic treatments were designed along with the architect, Chuck Ackers of Ackers and  Associates, Crawfordsville, Indiana.  The splaying of the side wall and the application of 2" thick "Tectum" on the back wall of the room have provided a controlled room that supports congregational singing.

The original tight pack cluster was assembled from JBL components.  Each has two 15" woofers and a 60 x 50 degree BiRadial horn with a 1.5" throat compression driver.

The new expanded array is assembled from EAW three way install systems.  Each has a pair of 12" woofers,  8" mid range cone and 1.4" throat compression driver.  All elements are horn loaded.

The sub woofers are custom built systems from Concert Systems LLC of Southbend Indiana.  They were designed to provide a very deep sound while retaining a high impact level.   Gary Lavengood  designed the boxes to fit into the space under the platform.  The original sub woofer system had two single 18" JBL woofers.  The new sub woofer arrangement added two quad 12" sub woofer systems.  The 18" subs are processed and amplified separately from the 12" subs.  The results are increased out with lots of punch.   

A trio of two way front fill speakers were built by Concert Systems LLC.  Each low profile box has two 6" woofers and one 5" ribbon driver.  Each box has a very short but wide coverage pattern.  This serves the front two rows of seating very well.

The 40 channel Soundcraft mixing console is right at home in the elevated control booth along with the video and lighting controls.  A few components were reused from the congregation's old system,  most of these are in the control booth including wireless microphones,  an effects processor and recorder.

New Crown CTS series amplifiers were used to add more power to drive the system.  The high efficiency amplifiers do not require more electrical power than the original system.

The 61 space amplifier rack is located in storage room to the right of the platform.   A 70 volt line speaker above the rack allows monitoring in the back room.  A pair of digital system processors control the entire main system, and the sub woofer system.  

The worship team uses in-ear monitor systems now, so the stage monitor volume is greatly reduced.  The total of on stage wedge mixes reduced from four to two.













































Soundcraft Series Two console and support gear.

New EAW expanded speaker array (no rear fills needed)

New custom front fill speakers.

Original front JBL speaker array (rear fills not shown)

Amp rack from original system arrangement.