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"Helping You Sound Your Best"


options for your space

Most worship spaces need some attention made to the acoustics to improve congregational singing,  speech intelligibility, and refinement of the space to insure long term comfort (freedom from acoustic fatigue.)

Here are some examples of various treatments from some of our projects.  Treatment materials include heavy weight curtians,  fabric covered mineral wool wall panels,  PVC covered fiberglass baffles,  Tectum panels, bass traps, diffusers and perforated ceiling panels.




















































































Curtains in the clear-story.

Ceiling panels above the band.

Tectum panels with latex paint applied.   Wooden slats (diffusion.)

Wooden slats (diffusion.)

Tectum wall panels (latex paint.)  Perforated metal ceiling decking.

Difficult to see - perforated metal decking,  painted Tectum wall panels.

Fabric covered panels on rear wall.