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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

First Christian Church

Parsons, Kansas


32 years is a long time for electronics. That is how old the dimming system was for the FCC. Most of the dimmers had quit working except as a relay. At least they lasted longer than the mortgage.  The sound system was a few years newer, but several parts of it had been in place for more than 22 years.  The video system was about 8 years old and still working but did not complement the room. It was also very difficult to service. 

The main objection from the congregation was that the center projection screen covered up a stained glass cross behind the baptistery. Now with dual screens, the opening above the baptistery is clear of any obstruction and cross can be clearly seen.

Jordan Audio was hired to engineer and specify new audio, video and lighting systems for the sanctuary. There was one other major concern too - the choir loft. The choir has large cushioned chairs is fully carpeted and is positioned against a soft wall.

The plan began with adding 1/2" oak veneered panels behind the choir to create stronger early reflections to help the choir hear themselves.  This work was completed  by the choir director who just happens to also be a finish carpenter.  We also suggested removing the carpet in the loft and changing the chairs, but these ideas were put on hold.

The new look and the improved sound has created a very positives energy within the choir. The difference is like they had added several more voices.  New high quality choir microphones on carbon fiber boom arms were added in front of the choir. We retired the two overhead microphone that never seems to be aimed at right places. The results are even better than we could have hoped.

The congregation is very pleased with both the visual and aural results. 

In order to accomplish the overhaul of the video projection system, of placing dual screens lower on the platform and out to either side, it was necessary to make major changes to the lighting. The four chandeliers over the platform were removed to storage and 8 pendant canisters were added. Several additional PAR64 architectural fixtures were added to improve the face lighting for the whole platform.

New dimmers were installed to control all the house lights and the new platform lighting. Simple architectural controls were added at major entries and a simple control console was added in the new AVL control booth.

The new lighting system allows the new projection screens to be saturated with light from the 5500 lumen projectors. A 55" LED video monitor was added on the front of the balcony railing to allow those on the platform to see what was being projected on the screens.  

The sound system is also completely new.  Only a DVD player and a couple of microphones were reused. A new control booth was built at the rear of the seating on the main floor. It was built by the choir director, so it matches the wood work in the sanctuary.

Three monitors systems were assembled for use on the platform.  One system with installed speakers surrounds the choir loft so the singers can hear the preacher and the song leader.  A second system with installed speakers allows the pianist and organist to hear and provides them a local volume control to turn down any signal that is too loud.  The third system uses moveable floor wedges to accommodate vocalists and other instrumentalists. 

A sub woofer to reinforce the lowest octave of the musical spectrum. It is hidden behind the vertical stripes on the chancel wall in the organ speaker chamber.

A main two way overhead speaker array includes dual 12" woofers and three constant coverage horns with 2" throat compression drivers. The array is biamplified.

A balcony two way overhead speaker includes one 12" woofer and one constant coverage horn with 2" throat compression driver.  This speaker is also biamplified.

A new fellowship hall sound system was also  assembled with JBL pedant speakers, a CD/Ipod deck and a feed from the sanctuary.













































































































The chancel with the new screens, choir shell and audio system.

A dual 15" sub woofer by Concert Systems LLC was placed in the organ speaker chamber.  That is a 30 year old organ speaker to the right.

The new amplifier rack in the corner of the organ speaker chamber.

The new overhead cluster of speakers use 2" throat compression drivers and 12" woofers.

The balcony fill speaker uses the same compression driver and woofer as the center cluster.

New AVL control booth at the rear of the main seating area.

A custom pew back type of monitor system was added in the choir loft.  This picture was taken prior to the oak being stained and varnished.

Original platform prior to upgrades