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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

New Horizon United

Methodist Church

Champaign,  Illinois

AV for Youth and Commons Areas

This young congregation enlarged their building with a large Commons Area, youth classroom and a Great room for Children's Ministry.  The Commons area is used for teen worship events during the week and for a congregating space (with coffee) on Sundays.  The space will be modified in the future to accommodate the entry to a larger worship center.

The expansion was designed by Weger + Associates Architects and built by PJ Hoerr Construction.


The upstairs children's ministry space is large, open, well lit and flexible.  The video system uses wall mounted plasma monitors.  The audio system uses a pair of small format line arrays to provide even coverage to the whole area.

The locking metal control desk can be disconnected and moved out of the way when not needed. All the electronics for both the audio and video system are housed in the desk.  A group of interconnection cables exit the desk and connect to an In/Out panel on the wall.

The acoustic treatment uses 1" thick fabric covered fiberglass panels.


The downstairs Commons area has two audio systems that interconnect.  One system is a distributed ceiling system for general announcements,  back ground music and audio from video playback. A push to talk microphone in the snack center allows for simple announcements. A locking metal equipment rack in the mechanical room houses the electronics.  A DVD player also lives in this rack for feeding the various flat panel video monitors in the space.

The second system is of a temporary nature.  The electronics are housed in a locking metal desk.  The main speakers are suspended above the stage.  The sub woofer sets on the platform.  A line level signal feeds from the desk to the equipment rack in the mechanical room allow the signal to feed to the overhead ceiling speakers too.

In the future this second system will be removed and the majority of parts used for the system in the new worship center.  The entry doors to the new worship center will be where the stage is presently. 
































































Children's Ministry Great room with video monitor and line array speakers.

Mobile desk for children's ministry room.

Commons Area with the snake center in the back.

Youth worship stage in Commons Area,  video monitors and speakers up on the ceiling.

Commons area equipment rack with video monitor for convenience.

Youth worship control desk with video control computer

In Out panel for connecting the mobile desk to the stage system.

One of several flat panel monitors throughout the space.

One of the many overhead ceiling speakers for the Commons Area.