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"Helping You Sound Your Best"





The First Christian Church of Miami, Oklahoma purchased the 93,000 square foot former WalMart building and has remodeled the facility into their new church building.  Goodman Architectural Services designed the project and is managing the construction.  Jordan Audio Consultants designed four audio systems and one video projection system for the new facility.  

All the speakers in the worship center are custom built systems, specified by Jordan.   These are an exceptional design from Concert Systems LLC of South Bend, Indiana.   There are three of these dual 12" woofer boxes each with a 2" throat compression driver on bi-radial horns.   Three additional single 12" woofer boxes are used for rear fills and an overhead choir monitor.  Two 15" sub woofer system set on the platform and can serve as plant stands.   The 12" coaxial floor monitors move around to serve musicians and vocalists.

A special 15" high output wedge shaped monitors for the organist monitors the sound system and the organ simultaneously.

    The main speakers were installed prior to all other trades had access to the ceiling.   The "T" grid ceiling is 30' in the air,  the peek of the main steel beams is 45'.

The amplifier rack provides 7800 watts of audio power to bi-amplified mains,  three monitor systems, sub woofers, and extension speakers.   It was assemble in the workshop and tested.  Then it was wrapped in plastic and delivered to the church where it was wired into the system. It sets upstairs in the preacher's changing room with the baptismal robes.

It's hard to believe this was once a WalMart.

The auditorium will seat over 800 comfortably.  In the future it can be expanded to accommodate over 1300.   Some additions to the system would be required,  but all were planned for from the beginning of the system engineering and design phase.

The churches existing piano, organ and keyboard were moved from the old building.  The organ was incorporated to the room via the sound system and a specialized monitoring system. The original speakers were placed in storage (where the auto shop warehoused the various tires.)

Having the sub woofers setting on the platform is unusual, but works well in this situation. The construction method for the platform did not allow space for the subs to hide out of site.   

The amplifier rack is located upstairs behind the baptistery.  It's power is controlled from a sequencer in the control booth support rack.  Crown MicroTech amplifier power the whole system which it controlled by dbx Drive Rack digital processors.   The Soundcraft Live 4,  32 input desk is a lot more than the congregation had previously been experienced with.

Each spring the music ministry hosts a last supper drama that utilizes up to 16 wireless lapel microphones.  The Live 4 has four mute groups that make controlling this elaborate a production much more manageable.

The control booth is large enough for video projection  and lighting control systems and personal.



The Chapel will seat almost 200.  The stained glass windows were removed from the old building.

The entire electronics package, sets in one locking rack in the right rear corner of the room.

The speakers are 2' x 2' panels by Sound Advance.  They are hidden in the "T" grid of the ceiling, silk screened to match the USG brand ceiling tiles.  The sound is very even throughout the room.  This room has 4 two-way speakers.

Three recessed floor pockets are positioned on the platform.  Each houses four microphone inputs and one monitor output.



The Fellowship Hall will seat 600 at tables.  This large space has a 14' ceiling left from the children's and automotive departments of Walmart.

The entire electronics package, sets in one locking rack along the "rear" wall of the space.

Again, the speakers a 2' x 2' panels by Sound Advance.  They are more obvious in the "T" grid of the ceiling.  No match for the PVC tiles was possible, so flat white was chosen.  The speakers are arranged in three zones.  This room has 12 full range speakers.

Four 8" ceiling speakers left in the ceiling from Walmart were reused in the serving line area and the kitchen.

Twelve inputs and a pair of monitor outputs are available on the opposite wall from the equipment rack.


A portable sound system was assembled for use with the teenage youth ministry program.

All the mixing consoles in the system are similar models to help ensure that once the tech's had learned one system they could easily move to any other room with ease.  All the systems use dbx processing and Crown amplifiers.