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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

LINCOLN        CHRISTIAN                CHURCH

Lincoln,  Illinois

This project was a combination building expansion and remodel.   The church purchased the alley that separated the main building from the multipurpose facility.   The new construction linked the two together.   The multipurpose gymnasium was reused but with a new stage built to the west through a new opening in the wall.


The picture of the new stage  is a rough panorama (trouble with the digital camera) but gives a good idea of the new stage in the old room.  New sound, stage lighting and projection systems really help to advance the worship events that happen each weekend. The pictures were taken before all the finishing touches were applied.  The churches first event with the new stage and systems was a major production of "GodSpell".


This project utilizes an expanded array approach for the main speakers.  This allowed us to better distribute the weight of the speakers more evenly across the roof structure and to provide excellent coverage side to side in the seating area. The space between the woofers in the array also helps to maintain a smoother frequency response in the lower mid range of the spectrum.


The speakers are Concert Systems LLC   custom built boxes -- LDAC 101-63 and LDAC 101-93.   Each enclosure houses two 10" 400 watt woofers and a bi-radial horn with a 2" throat, 100 watt, compression driver.


The lowest octave of the music spectrum is further reinforced by a custom built subwoofer, hidden under the platform.


This project had one of the tightest budgets JAC has ever experienced.  We saved funds wherever possible, without seriously hindering any of the systems performance.   Some parts will be added in the future as new funds become available.  A few of the cost cutting measures included manual projection screens, instead of electric,   minimal monitor system processing,  and volunteer labor to build the systems supervised by JAC.  You see a few of the volunteers at work.  They did a fantastic job with an encouraging attitude.


The control booths hadn't been built at the time the photos were taken, but a fully mobile audio control desk, with heavy duty casters will be coming soon.   The previous control desk will now be used for lighting and video control.  (seen in the back ground.)


The video projectors are mounted in protective cages, suspended from the ceiling trusses. These use the standard 1.8:1 ratio lenses.  The screens are 8' wide and 6' high.


Two sets of house lighting were already in place for the multipurpose room.   Large mercury fixtures are used for general purpose lighting.   Additional incandescent fixtures are used for worship and concert events.  It is a hugh contrast.


The processing and amplifier rack is mounted in a backstage room.  It also functions as the hub and routing point for the main audio snake.    Bill, the electrician, did one of the best jobs we have ever seen by an electrical contractor prepping all the conduits and power needs of the system.  Thanks Bill.