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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

First United

Methodist Church

Joplin, Missouri


A team project for a 108 year old building.  Although it is not a museum it has been kept as original as possible and has the feel of a classic antique space.  Jordan Audio was brought to the project to make sure that this new sound reinforcement system fit the space both acoustically and aesthetically.  The previous system was now over 20 years old and looked like a it had been wired on a Saturday night just in time for the 9:00 am Sunday service.

The new system removed all the exposed wiring that ran along the floor and hung from beneath the balcony (all in plain view.)

Jordan Audio Consultants' responsibility was to evaluate the situation and prepare design documents for competitive bidding. Total Electronics Concepts of Joplin were awarded the project by the trustee board. While the system was being installed JAC monitored the progress to ensure complete satisfaction on the part of the congregation. When the system was completed, JAC calibrated and commissioned the system and trained the volunteer technicians.

In a recent visit to the church office, both the choir director and organist were singing praises for the new system and how well everyone could hear including the choir, which had never been able to hear the minister.

The church was very committed to investing in quality. They did not want to have to go through this process again for another 20 years. The winning bid was well with in the anticipated budget, and then the trustees expanded the scope, prior to awarding the project to facilitate adding several additional features. Everything was complete from the first Sunday the system was used.

Each 10:30 Sunday service is broadcast live over a local AM radio station.  This feed had always been a tap off the main system and never a prepared mix.  It was time for improving this arrangement as well as begin recording services on CD for further distribution.   A dedicated output from the mixing console now feed through a limiter prior to feed through the phone lines to the radio station.  

Some microphones have been added to allow signals for the broadcast that are not used for sound reinforcement.  This allows for the choir, organ, and bells to be broadcast much more clearly. (Previously they just left the puplit mic on and hoped for some type of signal.)

A new control booth was built and assembled in the rear of the balcony.  It easily accommodates two technicians: audio, and adequate space for future video presentation controls.  Every action at the chancel and in the choir loft can be viewed clearly.  (Previously the controls were squeezed behind the back pew beneath the balcony in the main entry aisle way.  The cable mess was both unsightly and made servicing the system almost impossible.)

The new overhead array is assembled from modules of the JBL constant curvature line array system.  The three segment biamplified array  provides excellent coverage for the majority of the main floor (250 seats) and the center of the balcony and tech booth (100 seats.)

TEC took the JBL array modules to a professional paint shop and had them sprayed  to complement the color of the wooden beams in the sanctuary.  Fabric grill cloth was added over the woofers to further improve the appearance.  The results are very pleasing and has received high praise from the congregation.

Small JBL two way surface mount speakers were added to ceiling beam to further reinforce the east and west balcony areas (175 seats.)  Small customized JBL two way ceiling speakers were added the seats at the far left and right seats at the front of the main floor.  It was not possible to recess the speakers into the underside of the balcony.   Custom built hexagons were made by Concert Systems LLC to hold the wide dispersion JBL ceiling speakers.   These were then mounted on the ceiling and spaced to complement the hexagon lighting fixtures.

Dbx digital processing controls the main array,  and two stage monitor systems.  A simple 1/3 octave graphic equalizer provides voicing control for existing monitor speakers of the choir loft and organist.

Crown  CTs series amplifier provide the horsepower to the system.






































































108 year old seating arrangement, these are the original pews.

1900's pipe organ facade, behind is a 1940's Wicks and 2000' Quimby organ (all pipe.)

Well painted JBL constant curvature line array.

Custom built control desk, modeled after the wood work in the room.

Control booth with room for future video controls.

The amp rack is in the choir room beside the control booth.

Balcony Fill speakers

Under balcony Fill speakers

Close up of Hexagon shaped under balcony fill speaker