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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

The JSBP Studio 

JSBP has recorded with a wide variety of equipment and formats both analog and digital. Here is a list of some of our current toys.

Some of the Studio Equipment Available

console -  Hill  24 x 4 x 2  

dynamics control - dbx, Bellari,  Aphex

equalization control - Ashly, Aphex

effects processors - Alesis, Lexicon, Ibanez, Sansui

recorders - Alesis  HD24  digital hard disc recorder

Fostex ADAT digital multitrack machines

Foxtex  E2  1/4" half track open reel recorder

Teac  A-4300sx  1/4" quarter track open reel recorder

Sony  A7  digital audio tape deck


software-  Soundforge,  Audition, Cool Edit,  Vegas,  SpectraPLUS


microphoness: AKG, Altec, Audix, Beyer, ElectroVoice, RCA, Shure, Sennheiser

power amplifiers - Crown  CTs-810 and CTs-210 dual channel amplifiers

monitor speakers - JBL 3 way   and  JBL 2 way

various cassette machines for dubbing

Grundig  8 track player recorder

Webcor  wire recorder

Dual  535  turntables with Stanton  and Ortofon cartrigages

Studio Musical Instruments Available
Hammond "M-3" organ with Leslie 147 speaker and tube amp

Rhodes  Mark II  88 key stage piano

Roland Sound Canvas

Yamaha  P80  88 note digital piano

Taylor six string acoustic guitar

Wurlitzer 1959 electric piano  "Wurly" with tubes

Kholer and Campbell 42" upright console piano

Various virtual pipe organs

















JSBP helps you sound your best.


new pictures coming soon