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Jordan's Stormy Banks Productions

Pre-production Planning Guidelines

Since everyone has a lot of energy at the beginning of a project and they usually want to get going right away, here are some guides to help you get started. These are all part of our normal production process. Some of these steps  you can do yourself.  Others of them must be done by our production team.

1.    Determine the Production Budget. How much can you afford to spend on producing the master discs? (this includes both the music and graphic art)

2.    Consider the Duplication Budget. How much are you willing to spend on duplicating the project for resale?

3.    Select the Songs. Choose two or three more than needed and trim it down with the assistance of the production team. (Get their input too.)

4.    Find the Authors. Collect the author's names and copyright information for all the chosen songs. Work on the paperwork to obtain mechanical licenses for each song.

5.    Prepare Lyric Sheets. Using the production worksheet, type all the lyrics to all the songs. These will be used in every phase of the production.

6.    PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Work to with the production team to finalize the song list, establish the musical architecture, instrumentation, voicing and the vision for each song and the whole collection. (This will take a few hours in person.)

7.    Title the Album. Determine the title song or coin an album title.

8.    List the Names. Begin preparing the growing list of credits and thank you notes for the liner notes.

9.    Get the Picture. Go ahead and choose the clothes, hair etc... and have the photo shot for the album inserts.

10.   Share with the Graphic Artist. Give the photos, liner notes, copyright info, the "vision" and a deadline, to the graphic artist and trust them to be creative.