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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

Jordan's Stormy Banks Productions
To Whom It May Concern

Dear friends:
    "Helping You Sound Your Best." is more than a slogan or motto, it is the way we do business. If you're not pleased with the results, we don't look good. It's that simple.

    For many producing and recording music is a new experience. The idea is both exciting and overwhelming. Many questions arise. How do we go about getting started? Where do we record? What equipment should we use? What is a producer? Why is that red light flashing? Can I afford this? 

    A recording environment can be an exhilarating place for some and a frustrating place for others. The most important aspect of recording is covering the details. This is what JSBP does best. We handle the details so that you can concentrate on making your music.

 If you have original music but no way of making accompaniment tracks -- we can help.

If you have a band but need production assistance -- we can help. 

If you have songs by other authors that you want to record in your style -- we can help.

    We work with a network of arrangers, musicians and vocalists. 
    More than anything we want you to understand that we can work with you for any recording situation you may have. Some people only know that they want to make a recording but don't know what songs, or how to begin. We can help you with your dream and prevent the experience from becoming a nightmare.