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"Helping You Sound Your Best"


One of our favorite activities is mastering album projects.  We master all our own productions, as well as projects from a wide variety of studios.   We also do a lot of re-mastering of older projects for new release on compact disc.  Sometimes this even means cleaning and processing vinyl recordings.  

Mastering is one of those procedures that mystifies most people. Understanding what it is,  why is it important, what can it do for our project are the most common questions.   It is really quite easy to understand.  Mastering is a matter of pulling together all the audio aspects of an album: the order of songs,   the tonality of the overall sound,  the leveling from one song to the next,  the dynamics control,  and spacing between cuts.   How to do it is both detailed and artistic,  but the why is quite clear.  

Duplicating raw mixes, leaves an album sounding raw,  unfinished,  like a mannequin without  a wig.  Using a professional mastering service allows your project to sound its best and perform it best on various equipment.  It really is the finishing touches for your product.  Just remember an audio engineer is not a miracle worker.

We use professional equipment whether it's the equalizers, analogue to digital converters  or the software,   Our approach is very focused on the sound quality not necessarily the latest trick printed in a trade magazine.   We use a combination analogue and digital system.   Every mastering project gets special care:  Only fresh ears after a good nights rest,   Only our very best for your very best.    We know that the mastering process is critical to the quality of your sound.

Our Mastering Clients include:

The Meltons'

Eldon Potts

The Impact Brass and Singers

UND Folk Choir

Cheryl Hunter

Steven Foster

Pamela (Volz) Avers

Tammy Cady

The Good Twins

One 5 Oh

Rob Pommert

Ryan & Sara Nelson          

Ronnie Hoyer

The Vintage Gospel Lads

The Missourians Quartet

Spring City Quartet

The Crusaders for Christ

Contact us to discuss pricing for mastering (or re-mastering) your project.   We want you to sound your best.




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