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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

An open letter to prospective clients

Dear Friends,

Jordan Audio a professional sound reinforcement system design firm with a special emphasis on the needs of churches and Christian ministries.

Offering Design and Consultation Services without the influence of selling the equipment has proven advantageous to the numerous church leaders, contractors and architects that Jordan Audio has worked together with. Now, well into its 15th year, Jordan Audio Consultants is going strong and projecting a bright future.

The three initial services needed by most congregations are the evaluation visit, precision calibration, and training classes.

The evaluation visit includes an interview, an inspection and a report. The interview is with the system operators, the music director and ministers). The purpose is to gather information about the programs and congregation. The inspection includes the audio system and the facility. Knowing the current state of affairs, is necessary before proceeding further. The report addresses ideas for system enhancements or approaches in areas where a need has been identified. 

The precision system calibration service includes correctly balancing each component's output to the next component's input. It also includes adjusting equalizers to properly match speakers to the acoustics of the room. The goal is to achieve the highest possible gain with the lowest possible noise and the most appropriate tone. Whether a system is being used for the first time, or has been in service for a number of years, it needs to be properly calibrated or it cannot perform to its fullest potential. 

The Basic Operators Training Class is designed to introduce beginners and refresh experienced technicians on how to perform the basic functions of your sound system. This includes microphones, monitors, cables, console controls, recording, wireless systems, reverb, etc... The classes are held in the client's facility with their equipment for immediate application of what is learned. Each student also receives a copy of the session text for future reference.   Deluxe options can also be added to the basic class to include a closed mixing session with the worship team,  and live mixing sessions during Sunday's services.

When more major work is necessary for updating existing systems, or constructing new systems, our engineering and design services are available. New projects, begin with an evaluation visit where we listen. The client tells us as much as possible so that our design reflects their needs. Construction projects receive a detailed inspection by way of certified blueprints and contact with the architect.

All applicable projects receive a computer modeling of the room to verify the performance of the proposed speaker system. Consideration will also be made concerning the aesthetics, capability and structural needs for an installation that meets safety codes.

A professional sound reinforcement system design is more than just picking equipment off a shelf at the local dealer and plugging it in the wall. The fundamental principles of sound reinforcement system engineering must be considered in every phase of the design procedure. This holds true for speaker system design, electronic system design, structural integrity, clarity, intelligibility, and electrical needs. 

Every system design includes detailed specifications on the electrical needs, aiming angles of speakers, electronic signal flow diagrams, grounding and interconnection guidelines, general installation or set-up notes and an explanation of the components and how they form a system. A completely unique, detailed and professional document is written for every project.

Should the client wish to complete the work themselves with their own crew and requests help, we will be available to provide oversight and direction for their crew during the system building process to confirm the specifications are being followed.

These services are designed to save both money and grief. By using our services a congregation can move to a system design they can trust to be correct. The savings come from building the right system once (the first time) rather than constantly trying to improve an inferior system over many years.

It is our goal for each client to be completely satisfied. We want every congregation to sound their best for many years to come. If you believe we can be of service to any of your contacts please do not hesitate to call.

Keep an eye to the skies,

Gary Jordan