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"Helping You Sound Your Best" 




media system consulting,  engineering and training


for churches and Christian ministries



Our consulting team provides detailed media system evaluations, engineering and design services. Whether it is a small chapel, sanctuary, or large multipurpose room, we can prepare designs you can trust to meet you needs and maintain your budget.

To Whom It May Concern

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System Reports

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Systems Analysis


Audio and Video System Evaluations

This system evaluation service includes an on-site visit with an interview, an inspection and a report.

The interview is with the most appropriate people: system operators, the music director, minister, building committee, etc. The purpose being, to gather information about your programs, personality, and the worship styles of your congregation.

The inspection covers all parts of the existing audio system (if there is one) and the room itself. Knowing your current state of affairs, is necessary before proceeding any further.

The report  will address ideas for improvements in areas where a need has been identified. The goal is to allow you to see your choices for minimizing negative aspects and maximizing the positive. It also addresses the scope of work, budget concerns and cost for engineering and design work.

These evaluation visits can also address acoustics, theatrical lighting, and staging.

Precision System Calibration

Whether an audio system is being used for the first time, or has been in service for a number of years, it needs to be properly calibrated or it cannot perform to its fullest potential. 

Calibration is more than simply adjusting the equalizer. It is correctly balancing each component's output to the next component's input. If impedances, voltage or grounding is out of balance, the results will greatly hinder an otherwise acceptable system. You might think of it as a "tune up" for your system.

Operator Training Seminars

Many a brave soul has been overwhelmed by the switches, knobs, and meters of the average sound system. There is no need to fear, help is on its way. Jordan Audio Consultants offers training classes for your volunteer system operators.

The Basic Operators Training Class is designed to introduce beginners and refresh experienced technicians on how to perform all the basic functions of your audio system. This includes microphones, monitors, mixing, cables, recording,  reverb, etc... This class usually lasts about 3 hours.

All training is held in your facility with your equipment for the immediate application of what is learned. Each student receives a copy of the session text for future reference.

This training can be expanded to include a "hands on" addition to increase the learning potential of the basic class.  Contact us for more information.

Classes can also be coordinated for instruction on video production and theatrical lighting.  These classes are also specialized for your facility.

Engineering and Design - Audio and Video

A complete media system project will include:
...a complete facility study that follows the rules of electronics and physics, and address the needs of aesthetics and budgets.
...computer modeling of the room and the speaker system for added confidence.
...thorough system documentation that includes:
+ the system goals
+ a project overview
+ the equipment standards
+ the installation standards
+ notes for the electricians
+ a detailed systems descriptions
+ accurate aiming data for speakers and projectors
+ signal flow charts: audio and video
+ system interconnection details
+ rack assignment drawings
+ notes on the installation
+ the equipment lists: audio and video
...a complete plan for assembling and building a media system with an outside contractor  or built with your volunteers led by our professionals.

Acoustical Analysis

The wives tales about acoustics are as numerous as the the fish in the seas. It is difficult to make sense out of all the misinformation. Our goal is help simplify the task for architects and congregations.

Our approach to acoustics is to enhance congregational singing, maintain a high level of speech intelligibility, minimize detrimental echoes, while maintaining budgets and aesthetics.

These issues can be addressed during the design phase of a new construction,  but can also be applied to an existing facility.

Many congregations are changing their musical style in existing facilities.  This often requires modifying the acoustical character of the space to support the type of music.