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"Helping You Sound Your Best"        



The following pages have lots of pictures.  Some are large files. 


Some projects are audio systems only while other include acoustic treatments,  video projection and/or stage lighting. 

This is not an exhaustive list,  but does provide an excellent cross section of the various types of systems with which we have had a part.


The Word needs to be ...Intelligible.

The Music needs to be ...Emotional.

The Drama needs to be ...Intimate.



















The Chapel Array - various locations

Bethany Community Church,  Morton, Illinois

Calvary United Methodist Church,  Normal, Illinois

Bethel Lutheran Church,  Morton, Illinois

Crosspoint Community Church,  Eureka, Illinois

First Christian Church Disicples,   Parsons, Kansas

First United Methodist Church,   Carthage, Missouri

East View Christian Church,  Normal, Illinois

First United Methodist Church,   Joplin,  Missouri

College Heights Christian Church,  Joplin, Missouri

New Horizon Church,  Champaign, Illinois

Wesley United Methodist Church,   Iola, Kansas

First Christian Church,   Tuscola, Illinois

First Baptist Church,    Neosho,  Missouri

Windsor Road Christian Church,    Champaign Illinois

Lincoln Christian Church,    Lincoln, Illinois

First Christian Church,    Miami,  Oklahoma 

Acoustic Treatment Options - various locations