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Jordan Audio Consultants

4898 East 20th Street

Joplin,  Missouri  64801



VIDEO   How To Solder XLR Audio Connectors

VIDEO   How To Build Acoustic Panels

How To...Solder XLR Jacks

    Pictorial Instructions for soldering of XLR audio connections 

How To...Build Acoustic Panels

    Pictorial Instructions for fabricating wall mounted absorbers 




THE CENTRAL CLUSTER: A Single Source Of Sound

GAINING UNDERSTANDING: The Proper Use Of The Gain Control

GOING DIRECT: The proper use of direct input boxes




Here are a few pictures of some details that unless you have seen them before would leave you wondering what someone was talking about.

First are terminal blocks.   These are heavy duty junction boxes that house the "splices" for microphone and or speaker lines.   One common application is to splice between microphone inputs on stage and a multipair snake cable from a mixing console. The first picture is a 66 "punch" block splice with code rated cabling hiding on the floor inside a pipe organ chamber.  In the second picture we see a panel mounted to the wall with screw terminal blocks and lots of conduit. 

The third picture shows a recessed floor pocket.   These are heavy duty recessed boxes that hold microphone inputs,  monitor outputs, etc...    When closed they all most disappear.











































All About JAC


Gary Jordan is a detail-oriented Audio Engineer with a keen eye on the ‘Big Picture’ who has worked with sound, lighting, staging and projection since 1978. His talent and passion turned into a full time career in 1988 with the founding of Jordan's Stormy Banks Productions.  

His training includes Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL and Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) in Greenville, IN. He also worked more than three years as Senior Design Engineer for a regional sound contractor in Indiana before stepping out on his own and founding Jordan Audio Consultants.   

Gary also serves at the Technical Director for the International Conference on Missions (ICOM); a gathering of Christians from around the world to promote global evangelism.  The 2018 convention will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio  November 15-18.


From its beginning, Jordan Audio Consultants has been raising the bar for media production systems found in churches. Started in 1992, Jordan Audio Consultants was formed to assist churches with their growing media system needs, as well as optimizing their current systems. Offering Design and Consultation Services without the influence of selling the equipment has proven advantageous to the numerous church leaders, contractors and architects that Jordan Audio has worked together with. Now is our 26th year, we commitment to high quality projects has not wavered..



A great media system is based upon quality parts and assembled with an attention to details. "It's not just about the gear, it's about the systems."  Keeping the 'Big Picture' is focus while considering the room acoustics, electrical needs, aesthetic concerns, safety issues, operators' experience, and budgets are all important to any system.  Through experience, asking the right questions, testing and specifying equipment that meets a high standard of performance, aids in keeping every system performing at its best for many years. 

Our audio systems focus on the intelligibility of the spoken word, the emotion of music, and the intimacy of dramatic presentations.

Our video systems blend ease of use with stable and reliable performance and bold viewing from any seat.

 Professional References:

Jordan Audio has worked on several church projects of various sizes and styles with numerous congregations.  On some of these projects, we worked directly with the church while on other projects where we were hired by the architect or the general contractor.  Contact information for several of these professionals is listed below.


Keach Architectural Design, Inc.

99 Commerce Drive

Morton, IL 61550

Jeffery Keach - owner



Brennforder Architectural Services

517 S. Quarter Lane

Joplin,   MO  64801

Dwight Brennforder - owner



PJ Hoerr  Contractors

117 Merle Lane

Normal,  IL  61761

John Moses – operations manager



The Word needs to be ...Intelligible.

The Music needs to be ...Emotional.

The Drama needs to be ...Intimate.