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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

Wesley United Methodist Church

Iola, Kansas

This was one of the longest projects in which Jordan Audio Consultants has had a part. It was over two years in the making.  While completing the engineering and design work for new audio and video system for the sanctuary, a fire in the balcony brought everything to a stand still. The fire department pumped 20,000 gallons of water into the rear corner of the balcony.  The water proceeded to flood the balcony, main floor and basement.  The entire building had to be restored (along with bringing everything up to present codes.)  

The building was built in the 1920's and had only had cosmetic changes made over the years.  Some of these changes had definitely given the facility a tired look.  That was then, now it is a bold, fresh classic space that lends itself well to the worship of the congregation.

The fire turned into a blessing for the congregation. It allowed them to refresh the appearance of the facility while make a few logical modifications.  One major change in the sanctuary was to restore the tin ceiling that had been covered with acoustical tiles in the 1970's.  The 50 year old pipe organ had to be completely rebuilt and the old console replaced due to water damage.  A new seating arrangement was also put into place for better traffic flow.

The wiring for the audio and video system were able to be hidden better in the walls and ceilings due to the reconstruction. Instead of surface mounted speakers, recessed speakers could be used.  The results are remarkable.


The audio system is very straight forward with an overhead speaker for the main seating area and ceiling speakers for seats on the sides both in the balcony and under the balcony.  A supplemental speaker is suspended for covering the balcony.

Monitor systems for musicians and the choir are included.  Specialized microphones for the vocal choirs,  bell choirs and piano allow for improved reinforcement but all improved recordings.

The system has inputs and outputs for a contemporary worship ensemble in the future. 


The video system uses large plasma monitors mounted on articulating arms to provide intense viewing to the whole audience.  The amount of ambient light and the inability to place a projection screen at a viewable position without blocking the choir loft led to the decision to use plasma monitors.  The results are excellent.

The systems were built by Total Electronic Contracting from Joplin, Missouri.  The church is very happy and are enjoying their new antique room.

Additional wiring is already in place for additional video monitors and future cameras for video production purposes.









































Chancel and choir loft.

View of balcony showing the control booth and the confidence monitor for the choir.

Main overhead speaker, note the restored tin ceiling.

Side view of main speaker showing the rear firing choir monitor.

Amplifier rack with digital system processing.

Audio controls in the AV booth.  The video controls are to the left.