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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

East View Christian Church

Normal,  Illinois

Jordan Audio Consultants now has 5 audio systems, 3 video presentation systems,, 1 Image Magnification system and 2 additional acoustic treatment projects in the Eastview building.  Some of these systems are small classroom sized projects, others are large meeting room projects.


Audio and Video Project


EVCC has moved to a new campus in 1999. The original 1600 seat facility had a system designed by a consultant out of Chicago and built by a contractor from Peoria.  Although the system functioned adequately, it no longer met the needs of the growing congregation.  In 2006 the front section of the balcony was finished out with 400 additional seats.


The congregation is still growing and the extra space at the rear of the balcony was needed for 600 additional seats.  It was always known that the present sound system could not handle these additional seat. It was decided that instead of just enlarging a system that no longer met the musical needs of the worship ministry, a major update and upgrade was in order.


The original speakers (EAW), amplifiers (Crown) and processing (Crown, Shure and dbx) were all retired, along with the speaker wiring. 


SOAP BOX - This system was wired with 12 gauge THHN.  This is very good wire for 60 cycle electrical service. It is an awful waste for audio systems.  The cable acts as a choke for high frequency content.  This system acted like it had no tweeters. Turning up the high frequency controls on the console, made only minor effect. -  SOAP BOX


The existing Midas 2000 console and all stage monitoring and micing systems remained.


The new system uses Electro Voice VLC line array systems. The estimated maximum spl is 115 dB. 


Two 9 box, triamplified arrays of 281 and 291 systems address the 1600 seats on the main floor.  These systems use an 8" woofer for low frequencies,, and 8" woofer for mid frequencies, and a Hydra horn and dual compression drivers for high frequencies.


Tow 5 box and two 7 box biamplified arrays of 181 and 191 systems address the 1000 seats in the balcony.  These systems use an 8" woofer for low frequencies and a Hydra horn and dual compression drivers for high frequencies.


A group of Evid 4.2 speakers were installed beneath the balcony, above the last two rows on the main floor.  These wide dispersion systems fill in the areas not directly covered by the line arrays.


Three arrays were added for flying sub woofers.  The center array has 3 enclosures.  The two outer arrays have 2 enclosures each.  These subs have three 12 woofers.  Two are aimed forward.  One is aimed backward and powered separately.  The effect is a cardioid pattern subwoofer system.  The results are very good.  This approach keeps the very low frequency energy in the house and off of the stage.


New Crown CTs series amplifiers were installed for the triamplified and biamplified line arrays.  New Crown MacroTechi series amplifiers were installed for the biamplified sub woofer arrays.


An Electro Voice Net Max 8000-1500 digital system processor was added for processing the whole system. Finite Impluse Responce (FIR) filters were assigned for the line array  boxes.  The results are exceptional.














































It is hard to take pictures of black speakers hanging in a black ceiling.  You have to look really hard.

One of the sub woofer arrays and one of the main 9 box arrays.  They are hangin directly infront of the percenium catwalk.



One of two center rear arrays for the balcony.

One of two outer rear arrays for the balcony.

Midas Heritage 2000 54 input mixing console.

The existing amplifier racks and electrical supply were reused.

The SpeakOn patchbay allows for routing floor monitor jacks and amplifier outputs.

Two of the seven MacroTechi 5000 sub woofer amplifiers.