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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

Crosspoint Community Church

Eureka,  Illinois

This growing congregation has been a "portable church" for the last seven years. This facility just south of town is their first permanent home. It was a heavy equipment sales and maintenance facility. The now 350 seat worship center is also equipped with classrooms, offices, kitchen and nurseries. 

AR&D from Peoria, IL were the architects. PJ Hoerr of Normal IL served as the construction company. Jordan Audio Consultants of Joplin, MO completed the necessary engineering and wrote the AV specifications.  Fulkerson Audio Inc. was the winning AV contractor. They did an excellent job. Everything worked great from the first day!


A large "fortress of technology" was built by members of the church to serve as the AVL control booth. It houses the audio console and support equipment,  video control equipment, and stage lighting control at the rear of the seating areas.


The main audio system includes an array of three Electro Voice two way speakers and a pair of under stage Concert Systems LLC sub woofers (dual 12".) A pair of monitor systems are available for special events. The Sunday and Wednesday worship band utilize six channels of IEM (in-ear-montiors) with wireless receivers.


Several components from the congregation's portable system were reassigned in the new permanent system including some amplifiers, floor monitors, equalizers and microphones.  Other parts were assigned to a small system in the junior church area. 


The video projection system is very simple and straight forward. A single 5500 lumen, 1000:1 contrast ratio LCD projector was installed to fill a 16:9 ratio electric projection screen. Available video sources include computer and and Blueray/DVD deck.  Inputs for other sources are also available for special events.  The audio and video signals also route into the junior church area for use as an overflow venue.


A group of four Atlas Sound pendant speakers were installed at the very back of the worship center. This area also functions as the entry foyer and normally does not have chairs for seating.


The lighting system is very simple. A main pipe of 12  PAR56 fixtures and a pair of short pipes above the platform with 12 PAR46 fixtures.  A programmable fader based control console allows for individual controls and/or preset scenes. 





















































































































































































Overhead array of Electro Voice  QRX speakers.

Under-stage dual 12" Concert Systems LLC sub woofers (AVL-212.)

Audiance left, set and ready to go.

The Allen and Heath GL2800-48 mixing console. Chosen by the Cross Point tech team.

Effects rack to support the mixing console.

The back stage amplifier rack (front and rear.)

In-Ear-Monitor transmitters and wireless microphone receivers.  More wireless to come as funds become available

Video system switcher and stage lighting control console..

Main lighting bar - simple, but effective.

Stage overhead lighting bars.