Concert Systems  LLC
An Unofficial Company Review
Concert Systems provides:
  • Advanced proprietary high-efficiency subwoofers.
  • Design/Build sound reinforcement enclosures to spec. 
  • Innovative packaging solutions for portable applications 
  • Flexible cost-effective alternatives for custom installations


Many of the systems designed Jordan Audio Consultants utilized custom designed and built speaker boxes and arrays carefully crafted by Concerts Systems.   This page displays  pictures and brief descriptions in no particular order.


At the top you see Gary Lavengood, owner of Concert Systems LLC at the Mt. Hope Church of Christ, Webb City Missouri.  He is putting the finishing touches on a  delivery of a pair of  two way boxes with an extra horn for a central cluster that will be hidden behind a decorative enclosure above the platform. All the custom built projects are delivered either to the site or to the installers workshop.



The historic Coleman Theater in Miami Oklahoma received three of these 48" high beasts. The Coleman theater was originally designed as a silent movie house,  it is now the civic and high school theater.  It is home to the largest screen in the four states (MO, OK, AR, KS) region.


This specially design box is designated the  1O3 in honor of the Coleman Theater at 103 Main Street.  The two fifteen inch woofers along with a hefty 2" throat compression driver  sings in this classic movie house.


The 1O3 now has two little brothers.    These have dual 12" and dual 10" woofers.  The results are well worth talking about.   An increased sensitivity and presence in the low mid range (300 to 800 cps) make for an extremely musical system. 


Three of the 12" style make up the overhead array for the First Christian Church in Miami Oklahoma. You see them here (right) being tested.    Two of the 10" style are flying in the Fairfield Christian Church in Oakford, Indiana.  These have just been painted in the shop at the church.


The Silver Bullet Classic floor monitor during assembly is a simple, but efficient tool for many church platforms.   They hold coaxial twelve inch components with high power passive crossovers.


Sub woofers have to come in many sizes and shapes in order to fit into the nooks and crannies.   Many projects have very limited space for sub woofers.  Here you see several examples.  All perform beyond what was expected.


Take a peek at some of the other speaker products built by Concert Systems LLC.

View the whole project for Mt. Hope Church of Christ Webb City,  MO.

The SLANTED boxes at the Byers Avenue United Methodist Church Joplin, MO.

View the whole project for Byers Avenue United Methodist Church Joplin, MO.

The DUAL FIFTEEN sub woofers at Chapel Rock Christian Church  Indianapolis, IN

The 1O2 TRAP speaker array for the First Christian Church, Miami, OK.

View the whole  project for The First Christian Church Miami, OK.

The 1O1 TRAP speaker array for the Fairfield Christian Church  Oakford, IL.

View the whole  project for The Fairfield Christian Church  Oakford, IL.



Mt Hope Church of Christ,  Webb City, MO - Two  212-62

Coleman Theater, Miami OK  -  Three  LDAC-1O3

First Christian Church,   Miami,  OK -  Three  LDAC-102

Prototype  LDAC dual 10"  and dual 12" trap enclosures

Inside a horn box, at the workshop.

Mt Pisgah Baptist Church,  Normal, IL  -  SSB-EX-15

College Heights Christian Church,  Joplin, MO - AVL-412

Lincoln Christian Church,  Lincoln,  IL   -  SSB-LP-15

Unfinished Silver Bullet Shell

Twelve Silver Bullet being tested in the workshop