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Site Specific Solutions

Several church auditoriums have difficult geometry that limits the choices for proper speaker arrangements.  These are usually long narrow spaces with tall ceilings.  Line array systems work well in these rooms,  but the cost is too high to be beneficial for the congregation.

Jordan Audio Consultants of Joplin, Missouri teamed up with Concert Systems of South Bend, Indiana to develop a lower cost but highly effective solution to this problem.  The results were the Chapel Array.    It combines constant directivity horns of different patterns and a spaced arrangement of woofers to address a long narrow seating arrangement.  The goal was to have a simple to hang system that provides even coverage without exciting the ceiling or side walls, and delivers a high level of intelligibility without sacrificing music clarity.

The pictures show three different installations of the Chapel Array.  Each room has differing geometry so each array is slightly different to best accommodate the need.

The results are superb.

The chapel array requires a digital system processor and four amplifier channels to properly control and amplifier the system.






































































The unfinished array viewed from the rear.

Suspended in place during testin and calibration

Side view during calibration

Finished Installation

Finished project during a children's production

Side view of finished project