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"Helping You Sound Your Best"

Bethany  Community Church

Morton, Illinois

This growing congregation has been a "portable church" meeting each week in the local community auditorium. This facility just north of town is the beginning our their future campus. A large multipurpose space with classrooms, offices, kitchen and nurseries. 

BLDD of Normal, IL were the architects. PJ Hoerr of Normal IL served as the construction company. Jordan Audio Consultants of Joplin, MO completed the necessary engineering and wrote the AV specifications.  Thompson Electronics was the winning AV contractor. They did an excellent job. 


A modest wall mounted control position is located on the rear wall of the space for when a single microphone is needed for simple events.  When a worship team is assembled, parts from the touring system that is used for Sunday worship at the community auditorium, are brought into the room and augment the permanent system.


The main audio system includes an array of four Community horn loaded three-way speakers. Lots of conduit and connectors are ready for expansion when more permanent arrangements are appropriate.


The video projection system is very simple and straight forward. A pair of 5500 lumen, 1000:1 contrast ratio LCD projector was installed to fill a 16:9 ratio electric projection screen. 


The stage lighting system is simple. Three overhead pipes allow for expansion of an elaborate arrangement of LED fixtures. Each of the three pipes have electrical duplex outlets and DMX output jacks to accommodate a variety of fixtures.


The acoustic treatment plan includes PVC covered panels suspended in the bar joist ceiling and extensive wall treatments of Tectum.  The goal was to turn a large multipurpose rectangle into a musical worship space and still seem like a gymnasium.   






























































Overhead expanded array of Community SLS-920 horn loaded speakers.

Rear wall control rack.

Rear wall showing acoustic panels, permanent equipment rack and portable gear ready to put into service.

The colorful acoustic panels, décor by BLDD and the white vertical panels in the bar-joist ceiling.

The back stage amplifier/processing rack with lots of room for future expansion of both sub woofer and monitor systems.

Over head speaker up-close.

One of several in-out panels ready for mic inputs, monitors, and dmx for lighting.